Wednesday, October 19, 2011

pretty things

On Sunday, my lovely friend R.M. and I had a delightful brunch (possibly my favorite meal) at Gaslight in Boston, then made our way over to the SoWa Open Market. My favorite find of the day was this gorgeous handcrafted tile (the picture doesn't quite do the cobalt blue justice):

I plan on incorporating this into my future kitchen somehow, perhaps over the stove or sink as part of a backsplash. Strange as it may be, I've had my kitchen planned out for ages, ever since I saw Metcalf's painting "In the Cafe" at the MFA:

I plan on painting the walls a sort of golden yellow, the cabinetry black, and have some cobalt blue bottles and seaglass on a windowsill. (Yeah, I watched way too much "Trading Spaces" as a kid....) Having this tile just makes the whole plan seem like it'll actually happen some day. Plus, I love the idea of having something unique and non-factory produced included in the design. Little details like that can make all the difference.

If you want to check out info on the people who produce these tiles, check it out:  Their work is beautiful, creative, and eco-friendly!

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