Monday, November 7, 2011

Grading, and moving, and books, oh my!

Lesson of the week: Do not move the weekend that you have to work on report cards. So. Not. Fun. However, I did it! It was uber stressful and crazy, but here I am, sitting on my new bed in my new apartment, feeling that sense of relief that comes after submitting grades.

One of the good things that came of all this? I graded a bunch of papers faster than I ever have before. I am, shall we say, a bit of a procrastinator. But these last couple of weeks, I had to fight against that instinct with every fiber of my being if these papers were to make it onto the first term grades. I had character diaries for two classes that had to get done before a new set of papers was scheduled to come in (in a way it's a good thing that a number of students didn't do that assignment...). I collected my honors class' papers (a research paper + allegory, an average of maybe 6 pages each) last Monday. That was 28 papers, and I finished them last night. OY. I didn't know if I would have it in me! Especially since a lot of them were rather underwhelming. (Ponderable: Why can one be overwhelmed or underwhelmed, but not just 'whelmed'?) Plus, I moved into my apartment on Saturday, and before that could happen I had to do a lot of shopping, cleaning, and packing. Not really the best timing in the world. But it feels good to have so much stuff out of the way now.

Speaking of moving, one of the first things I did to set up my room, even before putting clothes in drawers, was arrange my bookcase. I knew it wouldn't feel like home until it was all set up. When I was in college, I always took maybe at least 10 books with me, even though I didn't really have the space. As silly as this sounds, even though I rarely looked at them, it was like having some familiar friends with me. Now I've got a brand-new bookcase (assembled by my fantastic friends, because lord knows I have a hatred of things that require reading directions) that actually fits my books and some tchotchkes. It looks so pretty and homey, I just love looking at it. Being a nerdy English teacher is the best.


  1. you quoted ten things I hate about you. I love you. ~Nicole

  2. Haha I couldn't even remember where I had heard that....what's also funny is that I actually think that movie is fairly awful.

  3. English teacher whimp! I moved 17 boxes of books when I moved into my first apartment!

    History Guru

  4. Good lord, that's a lot! I had maybe 6 or so boxes, but I've got more at home that there's no room for at the moment, plus a bunch more on my bookcase at school. Come summer, I'll be back to having to stack books in front and on top of each other. I aspire to someday have enough books to have a small library in my home (complete with a fireplace and one of those old fashioned leather chairs with the brass studs).

    Oh and since you kinda made fun of me, I don't feel so guilty correcting your spelling: it's "wimp," not "whimp." ;)